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Full Architectural Plans
We provide Architectural services “plans” for our clients constructing:
• New homes, Villas & Granny Flats
• Townhouses
• Duplexes
• Renovations
• Extensions
• Alterations
• Commercial Fitouts
• Community Centres
• Residential, Commercial and Industrial Projects
We take care of all statutory building consents including planning permissions.
All architectural plans will be prepared by a professional team and will be reviewed and revised to client satisfaction before any submission to the local Council
We take the time to cover every detail in preparing the individual design of our client’s dream home, and we support our client throughout the whole process, from initial design sketches through to the full “DA” and “CC” of the completed project.
Our design service is tailored to suit each individual's requirements.
Our professional team can deliver your full project, on agreed schedule and to your specifications
Our practice is very conscious of the issues involved in sustainability through design and the specification of materials.

Full Basic Services:

The following is a listing of the basic services we provide for all Development Applications (DA) and Construction Certificates (CC) to suit any local Council regulations or any Private Certifier Authority.
1. A contour surveying plan for your property
2. Architectural plans for the development application
3. Site plan and area calculation
4. Site analysis plan
5. Design of ground floor plan
6. Design of first floor plan
7. Design of north elevation
8. Design of south elevation
9. Design of east elevation
10. Design of west elevation
11. Design of section
12. Design of environmental site management plan
13. Design of notification plan
14. Schedule of external colour & finishes
15. Design of colour board
16. Design of shadow diagram
17. Design of erosion and sediment control plans & “details”
18. Design of structural and engineering plans
19. Preparing report of statement of environmental effects
20. Design of street scape diagram
21. Preparing waste management plan
22. Design of landscape plans
23. Design details of landscape plan
24. Preparing BASIX certificate
25. Design of stormwater drainage plan
26. Submission of “DA” plans to the Council
27. Following up the plans with Council to get approval
28. Providing you with full sets of drawings
29. Liaison with third party consultants and contractors
30. Coordination of design progress with financial planning

And if required, the following is available for (DA) or (CC) applications:

31. Stormwater system report
32. Stormwater flood study report
33. Geotechnical engineering report
34. Traffic engineering report
35. Acoustics design report
We understand and appreciate that all this needs to be achieved within a sound structure of budgetary planning and resource constraints.