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The following schedule clarifies what we can do during the construction work of your new building:

  1. Clear Site and Establishment
  2. Surveying Set Out of the Building
  3. Erosion & Sediment control - set out 
  4. Excavation of Peers & Footings 
  5. All Concrete Footings, Slabs, Paths & Driveway
  6. All Plumbing Work
  7. All Carpentry, Frames, Roof Trusses & Roof Tiles
  8. All Bricklaying needs & Termite Cavity Treatment
  9. electrical, telephone, T.V. and entertainment fittings
  10. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  11. Wet Area Treatment
  12. Plaster  & Insulation
  13. Wall & Floor Tiling or other Floor Covering
  14. Painting
  15. Building Completion and Cleaning up


If you are happy with your design and the estimated price, then we will prepare a fixed and final price for your new home or project etc.
Sydney Building & Plans P/L will then prepare a contract for your building, where everything you have chosen will be detailed in writing.
You may also select your fittings, for example taps, tiles, floor coverings, and appliances at this stage. Alternatively, a provisional cost allowance may be included in your contract and your selections can be made later.

Construction Documents:

Sydney Building & Plans P/L produces a thorough, accurate, extensively detailed set of plans and specifications.

The result is higher quality and better cost containment in construction.

• Site Plan
• Floor Plans and Elevations
• Building Sections and Details
• Interior Rooms Finish, Window and Door Schedules
• Structural Engineering Plans
• Complete Specifications
• Schedule of External Colour & Finishes
• Landscape Plans and Details

During construction:

While your home is being built, you will have one of our consultants assigned to you.

Their sole task is to talk with you at least once a week, and let you know what’s happening with your new home or project etc.

They will find answers for any questions you may have.
We make sure of liaising with the client and the builder to ensure that the work has been completed fully, satisfactorily and safely.
We accompany you on several walk thru inspections of your new home during the construction phase to ensure you are comfortable with the various construction stages and to give you the opportunity to make any of those last minute changes.

These various inspections will be carried out throughout the building process to help ensure your utmost satisfaction.