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What is project management?

It is to supervise, coordinate and manage all professional, technical, human and commercial inputs at all stages of the project to ensure its successful delivery on time, on budget and to all agreed quality, codes and standards.

It employs proven expertise and experience to quickly recognise and resolve
problems, then taking strategic and effective corrective actions to preserve the
quality and integrity of the project and protect its investment value.

It is taking the interest of the project owner as the overriding driving force and combining it with total project expertise and dedication in order to achieve the most ethical and successful project outcome.

Project management requires effective communication and networking with
everyone involved in the project at all stages.

This is to optimise and facilitate all inputs and to keep the project owner and builders openly informed of issues, progress, and expectations.

The Project Manager:

As a first class facilitator and communicator, the project manager is responsible for the total project management as described above.

Such person has proven project experience and expertise, assumes total honest responsibility, is sharp with all details including planning and tracking, and is an effective problem solver with clear leadership and motivation skills commanding respect from all parties.

Duties and Tasks:

Sydney Building & Plans P/L will perform the following tasks as required:

  • Examine and interpret clients' plans or arrange the drawing of plans to meet building specifications.
  • Submit tenders (offers to do jobs at a stated price), quotes or prices for the project to clients.
  • Arrange inspections of building work.
  • Organise subcontractors to carry out all stages of building and negotiate rates of pay.
  • Supervise the work of subcontractors to make sure buildings are of an acceptable standard and are proceeding according to schedule.
  • Coordinate the activities of office staff involved in the preparation and payment of accounts.
  • Undertake some of the building work personally.
  • Make on-Site management visits to ensure compliance with approved plans for construction.
  • Make final inspection of facility upon completion