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You tell us about your needs for your lifestyle, or your investment requirements,
and you find out about what designs we have that might suit you.

We will work with you to list a number of plans, based on your block, your needs and your budget.
We will provide some sample drawings, to give you an idea of the range and type of drawings that best fit on your block.
These sample drawings will give you an indication of the professional quality of the drawings we produce.
You will find how they are great value for money, how we incorporate up-market features in a medium price; and how we work to under promise and over deliver.


Put your beautiful attractive building ideas on your block of land.

Don’t leave your breathtaking views out in the cold.

Our building plans are absolutely ideal whatever you want to capture.
As standard, we provide the following consultation:
• Consultation of requirements and preliminary building design advice
• Feasibility Study - to summarise your growth potential and your financial capability
Sydney Building & Plans P/L works together with you to get a feel for what your highest priorities are, offering you the opportunity to build a home designed to suit your needs and your budget, giving you a space that will be uniquely yours in form and function.
We put all the ideas together to come up with the best and most practical result. You are welcome to our office to meet with our consultant.

Skilled & professional:

Our skilled and professional consultant will help you to finalise all working plans and complete the construction of your dream home.

Combining striking external appearance with the most practical and liveable interior; your home will look, feel, and be different from any other on the street.
You are bound to find the right home for you and your family.
Most building designers prepare plans and hand you the (DA) and (CC) application forms to make the submissions yourself.
Our professional consultant will complete all (DA) and (CC) applications, and make all submissions to the local Council then track their progress on your behalf.

You can relax as we deliver Council approval to you as soon as possible.

We know your home is your most valuable asset.

With Sydney Building & Plans P/L, you can get off on the right foot and ensure your project is a success.