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Our approach is simple. Once instructed, we will manage the project until you receive Development Application and Construction Certificate building approval.

During the design process, we strive to constantly involve the client through discussion and with the presentation of draft proposals to ensure the client is satisfied with the completed design.

We undertake a full measured survey of your property.

We prepare full architectural drawings to your specification.

We complete the final development application and make all DA submissions to the local Council and track its progress through the local Council on your behalf.

We make sure your project’s DA and CC are fully delivered.

We’re the only call you need to make for a fully comprehensive service for your project.

We will take your project from start through to the granting of the consents.
Step 1
Once instructed, our experienced, skilled and professional consultant will visit your site to give you all the options available that suit your needs and are best suitable for your land.

We will provide you with all information for the type and size of building permitted on that land.

Then our surveyor will visit your property to prepare contour survey plans. This is a map of land levels over your property ensuring that we got all land details and understand exactly what you want from the development.

We will then carry out a thorough measured survey of the property, taking measurements and photographs both internally and externally as required.

This survey is essential for the accurate costing and design of your new home.
Step 2
We prepare feasibility drawings for you to review.

This will include the proposed floor plans and elevations of the existing property layout.

At this stage, you can make changes as necessary to the floor plans, and once you are satisfied that the feasibility meets your requirements, we will prepare the architectural plans and approval drawings.
Step 3
We prepare the architectural plans for a development application based upon the initial feasibility drawings and your requested changes and according to the codes and regulations of your local Council.
Step 4
We will instruct our professional team to prepare their detailed plans and reports as set out under the Services section for the development application according to the Council regulations and codes.

Please see the entire DA requirements under the “Services” section.
Step 5
Sydney Building & Plans P/L will complete the development application forms then submit the full “DA” to the local Council on your behalf.

We also complete the ‘Neighbour Notification’ procedure, BASIX certificate, statement of environmental effects and many other plans and reports etc.

Then we will send the required number and types of drawings to the local Council.
Step 6
If any re-submissions or amendments are needed for a development application, we complete all these requirements under advice from the local Council.

We will keep you updated on this process and about any changes required, and we will discuss any requirement with you and we will provide you with a copy of the plans or report for any amendment required by the Council.
Step 7
When consents are granted, we will notify you immediately and forward you the consent of development application for your records.

We will also give you one full set of architectural drawings and any other plans or report to keep in your records.
Step 8
When we secure “DA” consent from the local Council, we will start preparing full and final plans and reports for Construction Certificate building approval according to the “DA” consent conditions, then we will submit the “CC” to the local Council or to the Private Certifier Authority for final building approval to start construction of your project.

At this stage we will provide you with an accurate building quotation.
Step 9
Once we have “CC” approval and you are happy with your design and the estimated price, then we will prepare a fixed and final price for your new home or project etc.
Step 10
if required, Sydney Building & Plans P/L can assist with full Construction of the building or project management services.

We have full professional and experienced teams of subcontractors to build your project.